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Quote Samples

  • 3-night minimum charge between May 15th and Labor Day

    2-night minimum charge all other dates


    To begin making a reservation, click on the "Get a Quote" button on the Home Page.  Complete all required information (including destination) then click the SUBMIT request button at the bottom of the page.  You will receive a quote via email.  You can also call our office at 701-663-2197 if you need assistance right away.


    Your quote will consist of the following forms:

    • Rental Quotation
    • Reservation Application
    • Credit Card Payment Authorization


    The above attachments need to be completed, signed and returned to start the reservation process.


    In order to reserve a specific vehicle, you must complete and submit the Credit Card Down Payment Authorization form.  Your credit card will be charged a $500 down payment to reserve a motorhome or a $250 down payment to reserve a Travel Trailer.

  • Motorhome Sample Quote

    Motorhome Sample Quotation

    You get 3 free hours of generator use per night of rental- $3/hr for additional hours.  You also get 100 FREE miles per night; 3-night Motorhome rental includes 300 Free Miles.  Breakdown of cost of extra miles below.

    1st 300 miles are FREE
    2nd 300 miles (300-600) @ 50cents/mile 
    3rd 300 miles (600-900) @ $1/mile 
    Anything over 900 miles @ $2/mile

  • Travel Trailer Sample Quotation

    Travel Trailer Sample Quotation

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